13 December 2011

Top tips from the diamond expert

Few people know more about diamonds than Forevermark's resident expert Gareth Jones. Here, he shares his top tips for buying diamonds as a gift.

  1. “When you are buying jewelry for someone, look at her personal style. What jewelry does she currently wear? If she already has a lot of yellow gold, for example, platinum will look out of place.”
  2. “Always look at the girdle (the outer edge of a diamond, between the crown at the top and the pavilion at the bottom) as they can vary in thickness. Look at it from the side: it should be even and not too thin or too thick. If it is too thick, the diamond will have a larger carat weight but will appear smaller than it should.”
  3. “We have a saying in the diamond industry: ‘Look long, get it wrong.’ Look at a selection of diamonds and the one you pick out straight away is the one.”
  4. “Round brilliant cuts are the most popular – they call it the brilliant cut for a reason. It has a combination of fire and brilliance that no other shape can match. But the shape you choose depends on the wearer. Marquise cuts, for example, can have a stunning elongating effect.”
  5. "Forevermark diamonds have already been selected for their exceptional qualities. So when it comes to choosing jewelry, you can trust your eye and have confidence in what looks great to you."

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